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The hotplate (frying pan) is a non-stick coating pan.?The Hotplate is produced in an environmentally friendly way.?In addition, the Hotplate is suitable for heat sources, including induction and is dishwasher safe.?Dishwashing detergents often contain aggressive elements that (can) attack the coating.?For this reason, we recommend that you consult the packaging of your detergent before use in the dishwasher.?This way you can be sure that the agent is suitable for granite coating and prevent damage.?However, the Hotplate will last longest if you wash it by hand (soft sponge).?This will prevent scratches and paint damage.

Points of attention for the use of the pans:


? Always make sure that the pan has (a layer of) water or oil.?Leaving an empty pan on a roasting stove can damage the coating.

? The pans heat up / hot quickly.?Therefore, when preparing your meal, pay attention to the quantity to be prepared and the temperature of your stove.?To prevent burning, it is recommended to cook / roast at medium temperature.

To avoid scratches and paint damage on the inside of the pan, it is recommended to use a plastic or wooden spoon.

? It is recommended to wash and dry marble coating pans immediately after use.?This way you prevent the paint from loosening due to moisture formation.

Wash the pan with a soft sponge (instead of a hard shed).

? To prevent damage (paint damage on the outside), it is recommended not to stack the pans in the cupboard.

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35 2 2.5 ?

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