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The Remix hotpot (warm holder) is made of stainless steel and has a double bottom, so that the hotpot is 100% insulated.?This keeps your food nice and warm for 4 to 6 hours.?Ideal for when you are going on a picnic or expecting visitors and want to prepare your dish/snacks in advance.?To keep your dish/snacks nice and warm, you must first have warmed them up properly.?Never place the hotpot directly on your stove/hob.?The hotpot is not intended for cooking!

Before you place the lid on the hotpot, we advise you to cover your dish/snacks with a piece of kitchen paper or aluminum foil.?This prevents the condensation from the lid from ending up in your dish/on your snacks.?The hot pot is easy to clean.?We advise you to wash the hotpot by hand.

Remix Hotpot (RU041)
Depth (cm) Content (litres)
16 ? 5.5 0.8

20 ? 6,5 1.2
24 ? 8.5 1,8
28 ? 9.5 3.5

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16.5 CM, 20 CM, 24 CM, 28 CM


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